Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Five days before Christmas, what gift cannot be purchased?

Five days before Christmas, what gift cannot be purchased? As the days countdown to Christmas many scramble to find the last minute perfect gifts. Have you ever consider by not buying into the stereotypical holidays we actual give gifts that cannot be purchased.Yes, the gift of a peaceful life that once faced inhumane lives and disgusting, as well as tortuous deaths.

For every person that chooses veganism, there are countless lives the received gifts that cannot be purchased with money. No, the cost is a simple sacrifice of understanding that eating flesh and killing is a twisted luxury that is not necessary and only designed by greed. Only the power of the greedy industry would like you to believe you need to kill to have a balance lifestyle and good health.

Amazing how much the industry will keep the truth from the world for profit. Sad laws are designed to hinder free speech that helps lives from suffering. No living animal in which suffers such a inhumane life and death should be kept quiet or silenced for the sake of profit of money. Of course, the industry misleads consumers for the greed of money. As well as pay good money to shape the consumers' beliefs despite the harm or the facts.

Not a surprise consuming animals and animal products is a concept to make money, not the health or well being of people. As can see in the presentation the studies reveal people's health conditions are caused by consuming animals and animal products. I agree with Mr. Simon, life is about how I want to live and die. I do want to be able to enjoy every stage.

For years my grandmother would tell me the biggest reason to not smoke cigarettes and eat a clean diet was about not suffering and causing others to suffer to care for me. Today as I truly see the effects I have or not for having a clean lifestyle, I truly understated what my Grandmother meant about the priceless life of a peaceful, healthy, and loving one verses one trapped in a body full of sickness that is controlled by another.

The greatest gifts to give is the sweet breath of life. This gift seems to have a instant return in goodness. The best gift you can give yourself this holiday season to achieve a loving and peaceful life with abundance of success in health is to become a Vegan. Join the countless others like myself that see the greed verses the need of the industry that profit from inhumane treatments and cruelty animals.

How the animals are treated do indeed effect people in several dark issue from physical to spiritual. The shameful aspect is most people have forgotten humans are mere animals. Humankind is connected to all animals. The sad part is as humanity advances in technology has forgotten the connection we have to nature and all animals.

Thankfully there is a new awaking. Veganism is on the rise. People, both men and women are starting to see past the brainwashing of the advertising and see the truth the lies behind what has been spoon fed for too many decades. New Traditions are being created that people are starting to realize that has nothing to do with profit of money, yet the richness of the future of better side of humanity.

Five days before Christmas, what gift cannot be purchased? What are you buying and supporting this Holiday season? Do you give gives that cannot be purchased?

Video "How the Meat and Dairy Industry, Addicts you to their Food - David Robinson Simon"

Video Credited to The Real Truth About Health
Found on YouTube

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