Thursday, December 21, 2017

Four days before Christmas, what matters to you?

As the days get closer to Christmas, people start to reflect on matters of the heart, desires, and what really matters in life, love, friends, and family. Four days before Christmas, what matters to you?

I had not thought of looking at what eating animals really means until I ran across Mr. Stuckey documentary. What benefits can we obtain from food that is dead? Sadly, we are truly what we eat. Wow, no wonder humanity is dying from self-inflicted sickness and diseases.

Thankfully with so many benefits the truth is starting to come to light of Veganism. One of the greatest benefits of being a Vegan is having a lower food budgets, while eating all that is desired. Amazing how the myths of Veganism stays alive, such as you must be rich to be a vegan despite the facts of the opposite. As I grow in years of veganism, I realize, I am rich due to being a Vegan. Eating a clean diet, I have found I personally do not require as much food to be satisfied. Due to consuming less, I have lowered all my bills, such as energy consumption, and trash.

As you can see in the following documentary and countless other studies, consuming animals and animals products harms all humans. No culture or race is immune to the harmful effects that comes from eating dead flesh or byproduct of the animals, such as dairy and eggs. The clean source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals that a human needs daily to live a healthy and successful life is only available in plant based foods.

Do you want to feel alive, as well as live life to the fullest? Go Vegan. Eat from the original source of nutrition what Mother Earth has sweetly provided for all animals, including us humans.

Four days before Christmas, what matters to you? Have you started a new tradition this year? Or has veganism always been a part of your holidays? If you knew the health issue humanity faces is all due to eating dead flesh and animal byproduct, would you take the needed steps for a healthier and more humane world?

Perhaps the following video "Don't eat meat, The Truth In America...." by Lamont Stuckey may help humanity as a whole to realize what really matters, as well to achieve peace that all wishes to have this Holiday season.

Video created by Lamont Stuckey found on YouTube

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