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How to gain healthy weight and mucsle mass as a Vegan

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 Be sure to break the overnight fast by having a healthy Vegan breakfast to gain healthy weight
 Be sure to break the overnight fast by having a healthy Vegan breakfast to gain healthy weight.
Over the past few years I have gotten lots comments and questions about maintaining or gaining healthy muscle mass when a person becomes a vegan. So, we will take a moment and address the many options that a Vegan can gain healthy weight. 

So many people that become a Vegan will have weight loss of unhealthy body weight initially, such as body fat. The weight loss normally occurs when we transition from process food, as well as foods that are truly not digestible, such as dairy. The key to gaining weight is rather simple, yet can be daunting to most people, especially former meat and dairy eaters. 

The best way I have found to gain healthy body mass is by eating more food, and exercising. The American Dietetic Association found in studies that the Vegan diet is very sufficient in nutrition and through proper exercise and enough food consumption building healthy mass is possible for both men and women.

Now depending on how much muscle mass you would like to gain you will need cardio, as well as weight lifting, or strength training to help gain healthy muscle weight. The Lighter the weights the longer and leaner the muscle you will gain. Now heaver the weights, bigger and more compact muscles will be gained. Never underestimate the power of cardio. When we increase the oxygen to our muscle through cardio, we also increase the health. Therefore, the body can gain healthy body mass, as well as heal quicker.

Now we can gain healthy weight by simply increasing our calories. The difficult aspect of this task for most people is creating the habit of eating in perfect timing to gain weight. According to most studies a person needs to increase the calories anywhere from 200 to 1,000. The studies show the increase depends on the personal needs, as well as how much calories a person is currently consuming. The best way to insure calorie increase to gain weight is to eat every two hours. This is where most people fail. Most people wait until there bodies are starving for nutrition, especially if food is only being consume two or three times per day. 

So by now you must wondering, what are the foods that will help me gain healthy body mass as a vegan? 

According to International Society of Sports Nutrition, foods that are rich in lean protein is the best to gain healthy body mass over weight gain by unhealthy fats.  

Foods such as green vegetables, soy, nuts, tofu, legumes, and seeds are rich in protein and are great for gaining healthy weight. According to most research, the goal is to obtain about 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. When we feed our muscle proper nutrition, we start to see our bodies increase faster in mass. 

Also, don't forget to eat lots of foods that are dense in calories as well. Foods such as avocados, healthy oils, granola, even vegan mayo are high in calories and can be added to a meal easily without making you feel you have to eat a ton of foods to gain weight. 

Another great food that is high in calories is dried fruits. As you eat your snacks every two hours, be sure to add dried fruit as one of the snack. 

Also, remember to eat healthy carbs, such as whole grain pasta, brown rice, as well as sweet and regular potatoes.

So now you maybe wondering, how can I eat a meal every two hours? I can hear you saying, "I am not going to be hungry enough for a meal every two hours". 

Well even though we need to eat every two hours, we will not be consuming a meal every two hours. The best method to gain weight is to think in snack terms every two hours and a meal on the fourth hour for example. 

Here is an example of a day. 
  1. Wake, breakfast
  2. Two hours later have a snack. 
  3. At the four hour mark have a good lunch.
  4. Two more hours, snack
  5. At the eighth hour, dinner
  6. Two hours later, snack.
Another great way to gain weight is to have a snack as well before going to sleep.

Yes, I know this day and age hearing people wanting to gain weight seems odd. The sad thing that holds people back from benefiting from the Vegan lifestyle is fear of losing weight. Gaining healthy weight through animals and animal products is a misconception that meat industry wants us to believe. As you take the time to look at the studies and research you will see for yourself not only the Vegan dietary choices cures and prevents diseases, we can also gain healthy weight.  

So what is holding you back from taking the steps towards a healthy, loving , and peaceful life as a Vegan? 

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