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The accepted massacre of thousands of lives for the sake of long celebrated traditions

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Say no to cruelty and go Vegan this Holiday!
Say no to cruelty and go Vegan this Holiday!

This is the first year I actually see the connection between the American holidays that start with Halloween to religious event such as Christmas to the yearly tradition of Yulin Dog Festival in China. I become a Vegan because of the Asians country brutalizing and harming dogs and cats for a sake of a tradition. I agree with the Chinese that eating other living animals for other religions and tradition have no difference. Therefore, I became the living example that the holidays can be enjoyed and celebrated without bringing harm to another life.

The accepted massacre of thousands of lives for the sake of long celebrated traditions must stop, so humanity may become peaceful and healthy, as all the religions, such as Christianity prays for throughout the year.

Very ironic to see a minister for example to preach not to kill or torture in the name of greed and then turn  eat meals that come from a inhuman life and torturous death. As I become stronger in my Vegan beliefs, I become grateful, I have created new traditions that not only cause no harm, yet good health, as well as saves countless lives each holiday, as well as throughout the year.

As a Vegan I have learn to desire the sweeter things in life. My Christmas list is small and humble as an adult Vegan. All I desire is good loving plant-base meals, deserts and snacks, along with like minded people to enjoy the fall harvest. Anything else would truly be unnecessary. As the years go by me becoming a Vegan becomes a deeper lifestyle of leaving less of a foot print on the earth, as well enjoying nature and consuming only that is needed for a comfortable healthy life.

Here is some reasons why no Turkey should die for the holidays. Yes let's create a new peaceful and loving holiday and go Vegan.

Video Create by How To Vegan, found On YouTube

Now going Vegan does provide us with abundances beyond our wildest dreams. All animals, including humans desire the peaceful, loving, joyful, and humane life. If people understood what is happening to the animals and the truth about nutrition all would go Vegan.

The power of true success lies within a clean lifestyle, in which includes clean eating. I never knew I would see life in such a different manner. I started out as a Vegan for the love of the animals and to make a difference to stop animal cruelty once I had learned Vegan is the original source of nutrition and killing is unnecessary to maintain a human life. As I grow as a Vegan and years pass me quickly, I start to see there are more benefits then the physical improvements and health. I start to see how life and humanity can change for the better. 

Yes having a firm youthful body as I reach fifty years young is a great motivator as well. The true inspiration is the love and positive vibration I produce that brings gifts and blessing beyond what I could had imagined or dreamed. 

As a Vegan we do tend to set our standards high for all to enjoy the fruitful purposeful of life that all lives were designed to live. 

Join me this holiday and bring all the past wishes true to enjoy a peaceful and joyful holiday for all that brings harm to none. Over the next few weeks we will look at some documentaries and research that will show how no animal that is born desires to be killed or ripped from the mother. Also, we will learn how holidays, as well as daily living is more successful when balance and harmony is the focus of the Vegan.Yes, we cannot live merely off of veggies alone, that is why we have fruit, grains, nuts, and tofu for an example. 

Perhaps the cries for life will awaken the truth. Listen closely to the cries of suffering of the animals that are torture unnecessary to bring a traditional feast that has a long history of cruelty and death to all animals, including humans. As we explore you will see the heartbreaking sounds of pleads of life is one of many reason Veganism is on the rise. The industries that profits off of cruelty and killing life is running scared and are willing to do anything to hide the truth. As you can see in the following video there is an awaking and new traditions are being created that promote love and balance with the world in which humanity must learn to love and respect for a healthy and brighter future. 

What matters to you? Do you understand there is no humane killing and that is a lie the slaughter houses and meat industry want you to believe? What keeps or encourages you to become Vegan, the planet, perhaps the inhumane treatments to the animals, or simply the logical scientific reasons, better health and no diseases? Have you gave much thought to how many animals must face a inhumane existence and tortuous death for the sake of  a holiday or choice of religion? 

Video created by Ella Marie, found on YouTube

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