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The Secrets to Looking Youthful As You Age

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 Guess my Age. I bet you cannot. I have unearthed the fountain of youth.
Guess my Age. I bet you cannot. I have unearthed the fountain of youth. 

There are endless benefits to veganism. As the years roll on I start to see the process of aging actually reversing in my face and body. Amazing enough Fifty is in my horizon. The unexpected benefit of becoming a Vegan and eating a clean diet is I am looking younger as I age. Welcome to the fountain of youth, Veganism.

Several studies, even from the dairy industry has proven that animals and animal products are not digestible nor have the proper nutrition for humans. The dairy industry has in the past ran a study to prove calcium was better in cow's milk. Yet, as always the study prove the cow's milk is only designed for the calves, not human consumption. The women that were ask to consume cow's milk loss calcium and bone density, while the women that drank alternatives, such as almond and soy milk actually increased calcium absorption, in which also improve bone density.

So not a surprise when the vegan lifestyle is in proper balance can actually reverse aging process as diseases. There are many plant based foods that have been proven to decrease the signs of aging such as Garlic. Garlic releases sulfur that is necessary for the production of collagen.

Another plant based food that bring the fountain of youth are Green or red fruits and veggies, along with citrus fruits. Citrus fruits have endless benefits. Studies have proven cancers cannot live in a high acidic ph that is found in lemons, as well lemons is high in vitamin C for example.

Studies have proven Vitamin C also is great in healing, as well as slowing and reversing the aging process. Citrus is the best method to absorb vitamin C. Due to my skin I make a citrus tea that I wash my hair and face everyday. The Vitamin C helps heal my skin as well creates a great clean smell.

I take about 1 or two of each citrus fruit, lemon, orange, and grapefruit, slice and place in a big pot of water. Bring water to a boil then let simmer for about ten minutes. Next, I allow the citrus tea to seep for twelves hours with the sliced fruits. Then I squeeze and drain into glass jars. You can refrigerate to keep the tea fresher.

The Citrus tea is the only thing that has helped truly cure the psoriasis on my scalp, face, and hands. Becoming a vegan helped bring my breakouts to a very small amount and not as often. Yet, since I started consuming more citrus, my skin is pain free and 100% cleared today.

Another aspect that keeps a Vegan healthy and youthful is clean the proteins that can be found in tempeh, nuts, soy, tofu, pea protien as well in green vegetables for example.

Also, studies have proven clean oils, such as olive, coconut, and canola oils helps keeps the skin hydrated and youthful looking. I have been blessed to consume the clean healthy oils all my life. Through personal experiences I can say that consuming the proper amount of clean oil, such as the olive oil will bring balance to any dry or oily skin.

I have a combination of oily and extremity dry skin. When my skin is dries there is no lotion or external oil that will satisfy the thirst. The best method I have found to hydrate my skin is through a proper Vegan Diet.

There are countless plant base fruits and veggies, such as berries and orange veggies that either block, reverse or prevents aging studies have proven. The beauty of Veganism there is hope for all regardless of age or stage of life. No matter the condition of a person becoming a Vegan will allow a person to gain health that is priceless.

The Secret to looking youthful as you age is a multi process of a clean diet, exercise, and a positive out look on life. The bonuses to becoming a Vegan there are endless benefits that not only bless you, yet brings a end to a terrible existence for countless lives that are unjustly suffering.

As we discover the fountain of youth, so many lives find the peace and joy of living Vegan. Yes all lives matter, even the smallest of life is aware and appreciate the peaceful present moment.

Take the 21 day challenge and unearth improved health, as well as the fountain of youth. Note, balance snacks and meals is necessary to unlock the benefits for a plant based lifestyle. Being a Vegan we can eat as much as we desire to ensure we are providing our skin, body, mind, and spirit with proper nutrition.

Did you know all the varieties of plant life that provide youth and good health? Did you know good health also equals looking and feeling youthful as you age? If you could stop taking the traditional medication in time with a clean balance diet would you consider Veganism?

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