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Vegan on the go, what is for Lunch?

One task that can be difficult for a new vegan is discovering what to eat on the go. Finding foods that satisfy the body's needs and our desires can be a daunting and overwhelming task for Vegans when away from home.

Yes, there are hundreds of restaurants that do serve vegan foods. The real task is finding a restaurant that a  person can trust will take the proper steps to keep the vegan food separate from the food that is prepared with animals and animal byproducts, such as dairy and eggs.

The real issue lies within the staff preparing the dish without animals products. For example, I have gone to Taco bell several times and order food just to have the staff add everything we spook a few minutes early to take out of the dish. So, personally I have found preparing and bringing food from home is best. Of course this will depend on the area you live. More Vegan, the better the choices.

For me to eat out at any restaurant would take a Vegan restaurant. The overall lack of understanding, care, and respect leads me not to trust in general. I prefer to prep and prepare my own food. As you explore with me you will soon discover each Vegan's needs, knowledge and choices may vary slightly, such as some do not eat anything with rising yeast. I will show you the importance of the variety of yeast in which plays a role in obtaining a well balance diet depending on need and what type of Yeast.

Picture Created by Eve Hoffman
Vegan Burger prepared at homes for pennies
Vegan Burger prepared at homes for pennies

Picture Created by Eve Hoffman
A complete balance meal includes fruits.  If you want to build weight, be sure to add a carbohydrates, such as a anti-pasta dish or the classic french fries
A complete balance plant based meal includes fruits.
 If you want to build weight, be sure to add a carbohydrates, such as a anti-pasta dish or the classic french fries.

There are several classics choices when we are on the go with or without means to warm a meal. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

1. Peanut Butter or Almond Butter and Jelly Sandwich ( Sometimes I omit the jelly for banana slices or fresh seasonal berries)
2. Veggie sandwich made with Tempeh (use the veggies you enjoy, such as spinach, squash, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, alpha sprouts, sliced apples and so on)
3. Hummus and crackers
4. Three bean anti-pasta salad
5. Tofu stir fry with green beans
6. Veggie soup (great to heat and place in a thermos before heading out of the house)
7. Nuts and Seeds
8. Dry and fresh fruits
9. Raw veggies, such as celery, cauliflower,  broccoli, and tomatoes.
10. A green salad loaded with all your favorite, seeds, nuts, veggies, and fruits.
11. Fried rice loaded up with great stir fry veggies, such as sugar snap peas.
12. Pasta loaded with classics steam veggies such as carrots, peas, collard greens, or spinach
13. A simple bean burrito (fast to make and easy to eat as you head to work or the days adventure)
14. Classic vegan cheese sandwich (great served hot or cold)
15. Tomato soup with pasta
16. Vegan wraps (this is only limited to what you want, such as what kind of beans, veggies, tofu, or all of the above.
17. Mushroom sandwich on bagel (my favorite is portables)
18. Bean salad sandwich (sorta of the same as fish or chicken salad. Instead use a white bean such as Chick peas or the great northern bean)

Meals on the go is only limited to your imagination, as well as being able to keep things hot or cold depending on personal desire.

Here is a video I discovered that creates a few sandwiches and wraps to give us some ideas what we can bring  with us on the go as healthy balance Vegans. I agree with Miss Rebecca. We do have lots of choices. The greatest secret is to be creative, while eating what you enjoy.

Regardless if we are working, going to school, traveling, or simply out having fun, being prepared for the hungry moments is an easy task that only takes a few minutes, as well as a small amount of an imagination.

Vegan on the go, what is for Lunch? What did you prepare for today's snacks and lunch? Did you think about the sweet tooth that always seems to cry for that treat late in the day? Do you know the best way to end the day is how we start the day?

Video created by Bonny Rebecca. Found on YouTube

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