Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cows as nature intended, look at that sweet face!

As you can see in the following two videos calves and cows seek the same things as our dogs and cats food, water, shelter, love, and play.

When a mother cow is allowed to raise her calf there are similarity to human mothers. The mother teaches the calf how to, love, live, and play. 

As you can see in the following videos cows and calves are very playful, loving, clever, curious, emotional, compassionate, and intelligent. 

I was raised in the city and played in the woods. I never had understood what a cow was until I become a Vegan and had the blessing to live in country. 

I have fallen in love with cows for several reasons. Whenever I see cows in pastures, I am amazed how the heard sticks together and protects the smaller cows and calves. If you decide to approach a cow or a herd, I have found staying quite and still while allowing the cows to approach out of curiosity is best. Just the same as humans, cows are very curious and eager to explore something or someone new. Unfamiliar sounds will keep the cows away. 

Amazing how many years a cow can survive when allowed to live a natural life. Studies of the cows have proven a cow that lives a natural life and not enslaved for meat or dairy can live 20 plus years.

Another aspect most people are unaware of is cows are very social animals. Studies have revealed cows are very sociable and become depress when separated from the herd, especially from the cows' calves that occurs daily in factory farming. The cow has several friends within the flock. When we observe the cow as nature intended, we can see there is top Queen bee all desire to follow as we see in the human community. Close friendship for a cow is for life. Cows have great memories. 

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Friends for life

Yes, studies have proven cows have great memories and are capable of planning ahead from past experiences. So if you meet a cow, remember to be kind and respectful. The cow will remember you and your actions. 

What really amazes me is the fact cows carries the offspring for nine months as a female human. The cow feels her calf grows and kicks inside her for nine months. The bound begins as soon as the cow becomes pregnant. When the calf is born the mother is in love and ready to care for her calf with unconditional love. The sad reality for factory and dairy cows, the calves are painfully ripped from the mother right after birth. The cow tries her best to stop the person from harming her calf only to fail and fall into depression that can never be healed. Now under a natural environment studies reveal the cow nurses her calf for three years. The bond between the calf and cow is a lifetime. The family unit is the most important to cows.
Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Everything will be fine my sweet baby. I love you. Go vegan

Yes, studies reveal even calves and cows suffer from deep grief when separated from the herd, lost of a family members, and friends. 

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Even I grieve with the lost of family and friends

Another aspect about cows is the same as humans, yes they too have good days and bad days. Studies reveal when the calf or cow is in a good mood will be social and play when the sun is shining. However, when in a mad mood or having a bad day, the cow will stay away from the herd and seek isolation. Also, studies reveal cows hold grudges on other cows, as well if someone does something negative to them. This really hits home for me to understand why the dairy cow will get stubborn and try to avoid the handler when abused. Remember the cow has long-term memory. So anything that happens to them or around the cows will effect their emotions for the better or worse. 

The great thing cows can forgive. Studies have proven they are the same as us in time through love and compassion can overcome most cruel situations. 

Enjoy the sweet moments of the calves and cows as nature intended. Go Vegan to save countless live from suffer cruel and inhumane existences and deaths.

Video credited to Animals All the Time, found on YouTube

Video credited by Animal TV, found on Youtube

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