Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Love at first sight

When I was a young child, eating pigs was not allowed for a few different reason. Shamefully, later as a teenager, I actually ate pig under pressure of my mother and friends. I do feel terrible for all the years I  did eat pig. The more I learn about the pig, the deeper my understanding my family was correct, no one should eat pig for several moral and logical reasons. 

I was told since I could walk eating pig was consider eating unclean meat. Also, I was told that since the pig could not sweat out the toxins, the meat was dirty and filled with parasites, as well as poisons to make me sick or worse, bring death. 

Other things I heard lots through different family members was the pig was close to the human DNA. So, I was told eating pig was the same as eating our second cousin. This thought left a bad taste in my mouth. So, for years I stayed away from eating pig. Until one day my mother and friends introduced me to sausage and bacon. Just as everyone, I gave not much thought to what I was eating, after all the word "Pig" was not on my plate.

What finally set me straight years later was learning the word "speciesism". A good link to learn what speciesism means click here All animals matter. All animals seek the same comforts, such as food, shelter, safety, and love. No animal should be discrimination against or classified as item to be owned or as food.

According most scientific studies, the pig is closely related to humans. Not a big surprise, after all mankind is part of the animal kingdom that walks on two legs, not four. 

According to the study Psychology Today, Dr. Bekofff, pigs do indeed have cognitive thinking skills, as well as other intelligence and social skills. Also, pigs do enjoy playing, learning, and living a peaceful life as any other animals do in which we consider intelligent. 

I had a friend that caught a wild pig on his property about ten ago. I felt so bad for the pig. Whenever my friend had approached the pig, the poor animal would scream and pull away as far as the pig could move inside the small metal cage. Now when I approached the cage and whispered "sorry you got trap by this real pig I call friend", the pig would lower his head and sweetly sniff my hand. The pig seem to be calm when I was near and knew my true inner nature that I struggle with. I knew then that everything my former friend was doing was wrong and immoral to the pig. The pig seem to beg me for help. All my former friend cared about was his struggling meat smoking business. Our friendship not lasting and his failed smoke house was and is a sign that true lasting abundance and blessing comes from harming none. 

More and more pigs are becoming pets these day for all great reasons. The pig is an intelligent life that is eager to learn and live among people. Despite never having freedom, even a pig born into a torturous and inhumane life knows in the heart that life is wrong without love, freedom, and compassion. Also, with the right choices we can end the suffering for all life, such as the gorgeous and loving pig.

Humanity is headed in the correct moral direction, compassion and enlightenment. We are collectively starting to see past the spoon fed marketing that only cares about greed of money, not your health or well being of life in general. Veganism offers abundance of blessings for simply choosing the healthy and compassionate paths.

If you ever cross a wild pig's or bore's path do not try to pet or challenge the pig or bore. The pig or bore is very strong and not friendly. Of course not being friendly makes since, after all the pig has had to endure so much from humanity. 


Video Presented by SmartBrainChild Sunday, found on YouTube

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