Tuesday, January 2, 2018

One great resolution to save money, while becoming healthy.

One great resolution to save money, while becoming healthy is veganism. Becoming a vegan and maintaining a healthy eating regime is expensive is a myth.

As I talk with people about veganism, I hear the excuse being vegan is too expensive. I once was a meat eater that did not know better on so many levels. So, I personally know the excuse being a Vegan is expensive comes from a sad and ill belief system.

When money is low, I can manage to feed two adults for about 3 weeks on $200.00 US dollars. This also includes fresh vegetable and fruits. I even share leftovers with five large to ex-large dogs. 

Also, no need to look for a special store. Most grocery store and including Walmart has great substitutes at great prices to satisfy any former meat eater. When you compare the amount of meals that can be prepared verses with meat expense the cost is pennies. Also, all a person needs is the basic plant-based foods. Substitutes are really a luxury.

So the reality of veganism is a plant- based lifestyle that offers the most convenient, readily available and very affordable regime, even with goodies, sweet, and treats. Of course, the cost depends on personal choices. As I said as a former meat eater, sometimes we just need the substitute while learning how to complete meals daily with balance of healthy and inexpensive plant-based foods. 

One of the biggest reason veganism is lower in budgets is most process foods are avoided due to animal products that are known and hidden. Also, takes less to grow plant-based foods then to raise and slaughter animals. 

Furthermore, when we compare a meat eater verses the plant-based lifestyles we see less cost in the food budget per meal and snacks, as well as in health issues. Even if I buy the substitute cheese and mock meats the meals are pennies in comparison to buying meat and animal based products. Also, research and studies has shown when a person switches over to a healthy plant-based balance regime due to health issues will see a reverse in the condition, along with removal of medication. Not only the person saves money, so does society in the growing cost of health issue in nursing homes and hospitals, such as obesity and diabetes since the plant-based diet prevents sickness and diseases in healthy people that decide to switch to a plant-based diet for the simple reason of compassion. After-all compassion is priceless and comes with endless rewards and benefits. 

A small minor saving also comes from less cost to prepare the meals, such as lower gas or eclectic expenses. Plant-based foods are easy and quick to prepare. I typically can prepare a meal in 15 minutes or less. Also, oftentimes out of conveniences raw plant-based foods are consumes more so when a person truly learns the benefits of veganism.

Stay tune for the growing and endless reason why Veganism not only saves lives also saves money. 

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