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Welcome to Angry Adventitious Vegan . we will explore the healthy logic reason why being a vegan is the only choice. Also, we will look at the humane and moral reason as well. Yes, I am angry at people that do not value life. I am angry at people that kill unborn babies without a thought. I am angry that millions of animals are killed and suffer to fee the masses. Join me while I expose and explore what the masses what to keep in the shadows as well as the money hungry meat industry that I am truly angers me.

Soon you will see why I am a angry, yet adventitious Vegan.

A little more back ground info:

Becoming a Vegan is a personal choice that requires the choice to be based from fact and not emotions.

I become a Vegan for a number of reasons. This is not the first time. When I was a child, we mainly  had a vegan lifestyle. When we had meat, my father would hunt for deer, birds, and fish. Yep, the old school methods, riffle and a fishing pole. The animals had a chance, my dad was not always successful.

The reason I become a vegan permanently is how the animals are treated and slaughtered. I watched a video on how the Asians countries are brutalizing and eating the dogs.

While I learned about how humanity was eating domesticated animals, I learned the word speciesism.

Speciesism defined by Merriam Webster:

“1: prejudice or discrimination based on species; especially :  discrimination against animals

2 :  the assumption of human superiority on which speciesism is based”

Once I learned Speciesism, I realized the treatment of all animals matter. There is alternative methods to eating other than killing and destroying life.

Takes lots of natural resources to maintain animals. Also, the raising and slaughter methods is unhealthy for the animals and the peoples that consume the animals.

The dairy is cruel process as well. There are too many alternatives to watch a mother cow carrier her baby for nine months only have the baby taken from her. Also, the process of milking the cows is disgusting and cruel.  When the dairy cow retires she does not rest in a green pastor. The cow is slaughtered and  brutalized for her years of service. Plus, once the dairy farmers get done with the process of milk there is no nutritional value.

Everyday I learn. I learn more about myself and my addictions to meat and dairy. I discover how people view life and animals. I am surprised how so many people can have health problems, yet refuse to give up the meat and dairy.  I see life from nature and all the animals in a fresh perspective.

I do eat food. I simply do not eat food that takes life. Once I got past the old train habit of eating meat and dairy, there is a endless amount of choices that do not require torture or brutalization of animals.

The special aspects of nature and animals is discovered through Vegan Adventures. Join me while I blog a day in the life of a meat eater turned Vegan.

Let's brings some light to the Shadows and Secrets. I am the Angry Adventitious Vegan. Peace and love to all.
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Being a vegan takes Education along with commitment.

Becoming a vegan especially for former meat eaters takes lot of education and sound health reason to get most people to make a commitment to saving lives by becoming a Vegan. I have been accused of not being nice to my husband during his process of becoming a Vegan by my mother. The sad fact is she is only reflecting her refusal to give up animal flesh for her own emotional reasons.

Now my husband has had his moments of eating flesh the past few years while becoming a Vegan. However, this past year my husband has only slipped to the vegetarian level. I am super proud of my husband when he does chooses vegan food when faced with options of flesh or dairy. My husband knows if he lies, I will be greatly disappointed and voice for the poor lives that had no voice prior to being slaughter for his dairy or flesh he chose to eat.

If I stood by watching my loved ones destroy life and his or her health what love am I showing? I am a active, proud, and loud vegan that stands for the underdog and voiceless. Sparing someones feelings is my least concern when saving lives are evolved.

Are you concern with being political to stand for what is right for all lives? Do you care nothing about life and allow others to be negative or destructive even if preventable through awareness?

Thanks for the share, as well as the comments. I am open to all points of view. We only broaden our world when we are open to others perspectives no matter if they agree or not. Through positive love and peaceful actions we can make a world a better place.

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Being Vegan is a healthy choice. Being aware of a balance diet is important.

The Vegan lifestyle has several benefits, as well has the ability to reverse heart disease and cancers.

According to research the only vitamin that is not found that is digestible in most Vegan choices is B12. So, I asked myself, how can we get B12? So, I researched.

I discover the best method to get enough B12 is through fortified foods. The fortified foods include non-dairy milks, meat substitutes, breakfast cereals, and fortified nutritional yeast.The non dairy choices that have B12 are coconut milk, rice milk and dark chocolate almond milk.

Also, I am learning to enjoy  fortified nutritional yeast. Most vegans love to sprinkle fortified nutritional yeast on popcorn and pasta. Also, the fortified nutritional yeast adds a cheddar cheese flavor. So, most vegan mac and cheese is made out of the fortified nutritional yeast.

Furthermore, we can get enough B12 in mushrooms and Tempeh in which both are my favorite.

The nice thing about getting the right B12 by Vegan means, we do not have the unhealthy side effects that animal flesh and products such as dairy produces.

All our nutritional needs can be met on a Vegan diet as long as we are aware of eating the right fresh and fortified foods daily.    

Keeping a eye on a balance diet keeps a happy healthy Vegan. Every now and again I do become a happy adventurous Vegan, especially when everything is in balance.

Caring is sharing. Please share, subscribe, like Shadows n Secrets to spread awareness, and enlightenment.

This is another reason I am a angry adventurous Vegan 

No life deserves such ill, sick and wrong treatment. This abuse is not acceptable. We must end the house of horrors. Join me by taking a second to sign Joe Wexler's  petition. Thank you. Be sure to watch the Video.

Hello. My name is Joe Wexler. If you care about preventing cruelty to animals, I’m asking for your help.
Did your chicken come from a house of horrors? If you eat at Qdoba, the answer is likely yes.
Qdoba allows its suppliers to abuse chickens in ways other chains have banned for being too cruel. Raised in near total darkness, many birds are bred to grow so large, so fast they are crippled by their own weight. Many suffer from constant leg pain so severe the animals can’t stand, so they spend almost all their time sitting in their own waste. At slaughter, they are shackled upside down and shocked with electricity before their throats are cut open—all while fully conscious. Many are even scalded alive.
Unlike other restaurants, Qdoba refuses to publish a basic chicken welfare policy. Qdoba has already fallen behind the leadership of Chipotle, Panera Bread, Shake Shack, Le Pain Quotidien, Pret A Manger, and Starbucks—restaurant chains with detailed public commitments for improving the welfare of chickens in their supply chains. If current CEO Keith Guilbault can't meet consumers’ urgent demands for transparency and accountability, it’s time for Qdoba to find a new CEO who can. 
Please join me in asking Qdoba’s leaders to adopt the same basic welfare commitments for chickens as their competitors, and stand with me in boycotting their restaurants until they do. Qdoba should agree to source only chickens from farms that use higher-welfare breeds; do not use live-shackle slaughter; and provide enrichments, reduced stocking density, and improved light and litter quality. The company should also commit to third-party auditing to demonstrate compliance with these standards.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Qdoba
  • CEO
    Keith Guilbault
  • Scott Thaxton

Sign Here

Letter sent:
Letter to
CEO Keith Guilbault
Scott Thaxton
Lenny Comma
Jerry Rebel
Phillip Rudolph
CEO Keith Guilbault

Qdoba’s brand is in crisis. Your company has fallen behind its competitors on issues of animal welfare and transparency. It is time for Qdoba to live up to its reputation as a company committed to doing things the right way or risk losing it forever.

Chipotle, Panera Bread, Shake Shack, Le Pain Quotidien, Pret A Manger, and Starbucks have all publicly committed to the same fundamental chicken welfare policies for their entire supply chains. Surely additional companies will soon follow their lead.

Like these companies, Qdoba has both the power and the ethical responsibility to reduce the suffering of millions of birds each year. However, Qdoba has repeatedly ignored calls by the public to publish detailed, comprehensive animal welfare policies.

Please take immediate action to address this issue by joining your competitors in pledging to dramatically improve chicken welfare by 2024. Qdoba should agree to source only chickens from farms that use higher-welfare breeds; do not use live-shackle slaughter; and provide enrichments, reduced stocking density, and improved light and litter quality. The company should also commit to third-party auditing to demonstrate compliance with these standards. Until you make these commitments, I will eat elsewhere.

Thank you.

The truth behind meat.
By Eve Hoffman

"15 Horrifying Facts About Processed Meat" by BuzzFeedVideo found on YouTube.

Have you ever wonder what the ground meat and whole meats you are buying actually contains?

Here are fifteen fact reported by BuzzFeed that will help you understand what you are buying and eating.

According to BuzzFeed companies are allowed to use chemical, byproducts, and even rat hair for ground meat products, such as chicken nuggets and hamburgers.

Also, BuzzFeed reports the beef is treated with " carbon monoxide to keep the meat the color red".

Also, BuzzFeed reports "dyes are giving in the feed to the farm raised Salmon" to enhance their colors.

Furthermore, BuzzFeed reports fast foods such as "Wendy's and Taco Bell add Carbon Monoxide in their meat products that is found in sand and quartz".

When I first become Gluten free and a Vegan I felt cheated. Today, I am grateful I am not able to eat at any fast food restaurants.

I wonder for a long time why no one could tell me what was in the food or why there was not gluten free and animals free food within the fast food restaurants.

After watching BuzzFeed Video, I understand now why the fast food is not willing to cater to vegans or gluten free lifestyles. The cost is to high to bring in real fresh healthy food verses what the masses have allowed and have been willing to eat over the years.

I can proudly say today, I do not miss fast food. There are several healthy alternatives, even when I travel that allow me to eat healthy, while keeping an animal from suffering.

Plus, I have found even when I am away from home a faster and healthier choice is to stop by a local food store. When I stop at a local market, I am  supporting the community, as well as the endless benefits to the animals and myself.

This one of many reason I am a angry adventurous vegan.

Caring is sharing. Leave a comment tell me what is on your mind.

Going against the norm and what past generation has taught us can be very scary.
By Eve Hoffman

As people become aware of the living and dying conditions of the animals throughout the world, vegetarian and vegan diets are on the rise.

Join me and pledge to make a change from meat based diet to plant base.

Needs some helps and tips, leave a question in the comments.

Becoming a vegetarian or vegan is rather simple, as well can cost less. The difficult aspect is breaking our habits and prior understanding from many generations of the past.

I have watched my husband struggle to make healthier choices when selecting food for the past 28 years. He eats overall healthy, yet just like most of us, he has his moments when he wants junk. However eating junk food does not have to include killing or harming a life.

I was surprised when my husband turn down food at work, specially a salad. His coworker bought him a salad that had dairy. To my surprise, my husband told me about the meal and said he felt bad to eat the salad. So, instead he ate the vegan lunch I provided him. My husband has not eaten any dairy, eggs, or animals recently, even though I gave him permission to have dairy once a week until he has gotten over the addiction.

Sometimes change appears to be fast, yet in all reality, positive change takes baby steps. I want the best for my husband. So, just as my husband, I will compromise for him until he become more comfortable being a Vegan.

I suspect my husband is accepting being a vegan more so these days since now he is starting to really understand how dairy is poison to us humans and needed for a calf. Plus, he really enjoys my meals and does not want me to stop cooking.

Now we are working on my husband not buying milk chocolate. For health reason as well a calf should not suffer, we chose to purchase candy made with dark chocolate only. The milk cows and the calves suffer the most . No desert is worth the value of all the lives that are sacrificed.

So, despite our race, age, or economics true positive change is obtain through inner desire, awareness, and practice.

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows N secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment.

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Is being different from the norm stopping you from choice?

Vegans eat more then vegetables by Eve Hoffman

As the years past and I grow within the healthy  and humane choice of becoming a vegan, I realize the majority of carnivores do not understand what a vegan is verses a Vegetarian.  

Vegans do not eat or utilizes products that cause harm to another living life.  Now, Vegetarians eat some animal products, such as the cow's milk, fish, and the chicken eggs in which still causes death and harm to cows, calves, fish, and chickens that are forces to produce the products.

As I talk to people I know and have met, along my journey, I discover there is a misconception of what a Vegan eats as well. Yes, Vegans do eat lots of veggies and fruits. Yet, that is not too special. Even a healthy carnivores  understand a person must consume a certain amount of veggie and fruit  daily to maintain a healthy balance diet.

Many vegans, especially former carnivores eat meat substitutes. Thankfully in today's modern times a vegan no longer has to make all the meat substitutes by hand.  Of course what is available  will depend on the area. Yet, with the ability to order food online has open vegans to endless amount of options.

One of our favorite meat-free options is from  Gardein.  We especially enjoy the "Lightly breaded Turk'y cutlets" The meal serves two for under two dollars. Also, the Cutlets come with a nice vegan gravy. This meal can be ready in 15 to 20 minutes when mash potatoes and veggies  are  made along with the cutlets. I estimate the meal to be about 3$ each when mash potatoes and veggies are added. Gardien products are better and healthier than eating out as well can fit even the tightest of budgets.  When I become a vegan my food budget actually decreased.

Also, making Gardein meals are easy. All that is needed for most of the meals is a toaster or traditional oven. Also, the meat-free options are full of much needed vitamins and protein. The "Turk'y cutlets have 19 grams of protein per serving, as well as 15% of the daily iron that is needed.

My husband loves the meat-free Gardien products because to him the products taste the same as the animal counter parts. Now, for me the meat-free products taste better. I have realized over the years that it is not the animals or the products I  enjoy, yet the seasons that is applied to the animal's flesh or product.

If you are a new vegan or a carnivores that wishes to eat less animal products, I suggest to try one of the Gadein meat-free products. Not only will you be saving  animals from unjustly suffering, you will enjoy a tasty meal that is actually healthy as well.

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows N secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment.

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. What do you think of Vegans?

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