Hidden Secrets

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  Awareness and enlightenment starts the moment the ego and  reprogram  ideas are let go.
Awareness and enlightenment starts the moment the ego and  reprogram  ideas are let go.

Welcome to hidden Secrets. We will explore history and how everything was created from books to concepts and myths. We will discuss topics some higher human powers wish to keep in the shadows.

I look forward to what we discover together, as well as your thoughts and perspectives.

The law of attraction

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Results of Law of Attraction....Results of Law of Attraction.... Natural laws cannot always be broken, yet can be a great tool if understood....
Natural laws cannot always be broken, yet can be a great tool if understood....


02/21/17 Part one

Have you ever wonder why some people, places, and things are attracted to some people and not to others? Well, the law of attraction is a byproduct of the law of vibration. Everything below and above the star is made of vibrations. 

What vibrates on the same frequencies attract together. Even our thoughts create a vibration in which sends out signals that attracts life. One of the secrets to success to learn, understand, and shape the vibration. 

Look around at the people, places, and things in your life to see your vibrations that are creating your present moment. 

When we want things, people, and places to be different, we must learn to change the vibration. One method is to change our thoughts and thinking patterns.

Stay tune for more law of vibration to come...

02/22/17 Part Two

We attract abundance of success when we learn how the law of vibration works in every aspect of life. Science proves to us on a micro level that everything is made of energy that vibrates. On the spiritual  level the law of vibration is also know as the law of  resonance. 

Simply stated, the resonance is when one object vibrates at the same natural frequency of a second object forces that second object into vibration motion. Physics proves this to be true. As you can see a object can have influence over another. If we learn how to control our vibrations or energy, we then learn how to create and attract all that we dream. 

As we explore the basic laws, we will see many level of standard laws and laws that are byproducts of the basic laws. Also, we realize that all aspects of life, including the unconscious mind vibrates with energy. Regardless if a person is unaware or aware, the unconscious mind is the one shaping the present moment. The benefits of being aware allows a person to remove negative influences and to shape the mind to a certain dream or goal. 

Through mindful mediation we can reshape our unconscious mind. As a result the vibration changes. We can tell when our vibrations change by observing people, places and things in which natural avoid or new attract to us. 

The power is to take time daily and visualize what or whom you want in your life. Great changes comes from a force of energy. Even if we cannot see the vibration of thought, what we think and feel have the biggest impact on what we attract on our lives. 

Test the law of vibration by making a list of things you wish to have. Chant your list two minutes, twice a day. Once in the morning just as you wake and before leaving the bed. Also, once before you fall asleep.The best time is when the mind is just waking and the last thing the mind hears before sleep. Do this for the next 30 days to see miracles and opportunities that you once only dreamed was possible. 

The list can be as long as you like. I do suggest to start out with a small list of five goals or dreams. After each thirty days add or change what is on your list. As you see your dreams and goals manifest themselves through the law of vibration be sure to chant appreciations to further enhance the positive vibrations of success. 

As always remain open to a goal that may change during the 30 days through awareness as well. When we meditate we can feel the universes laws shaping us as much as we shape the world.  

03/01/17 Part Three

Have you ever notice some people instantly like you and there are some that hate you as soon as he or she sees you or reads what you write on social media. Well, that is the vibrations.

As I work on my art, write my story, poems, articles, and so on, I start to realize when we rely on our senses and understanding of vibration meeting people that dislike you and knowing from the second the encounter occur is beneficial for a variety of reasons.

One: Provides a moment to prepare for respectful inaction instead of reaction.
Two: Saves time.

Saves us time since we can cut ties with a person that does not care for our well being or path of life. For example, knowing who is not a friend allows us to make room for true friends. Also, knowing the vibrations we realized nothing is personal, and the person that does not care for us is simply vibrating onto his or her path as well.

How we treat and love others is the difference regardless if we are on the same path or not. We may not always agree. However, we all agree with natural born, respectful, free, basic rights, as well as to be treated with fairness and kindness. Knowing vibration is a gift to surround ourselves with gifted and like minded people of success.

Love and Peace

Stay tune for more....Have you notice sad people attract to miserable people and happy people make sad people very unconformable? 

Leave a comment or question. 

Some sources I utilized for my research, yet not limited to or in order of information discovered. 
Bob Proctor 
Abundance and Happiness
Natural health zone 
Huntington Post

Life is amazing when mankind can prove the divine powers through science, insight, and awareness. 

Topic Valentine day 

Picture found on history.com
Happy Valentine Day. The history of Saint Valentine

Happy Valentine's day everyone. Today people celebrate love around the world to honor and appreciate the people that he or she loves or hopes to love on February the 14th . In history, the Romans celebrated love day to symbolize fertility.

The interesting aspect of history is when the Catholics and Christians adopted the Romans tradition of love day to attracted followers. Also, Valentine's day was named by the Christians after a priest called Saint Valentine that was brutally beaten and beheaded for marring young couples without the roman empire's permission around February 14, 278A.D. The Romans thought that banning marriage for the young soldiers would make better and stronger soldiers. All the Romans did was start a political moment called Valentine's day.

Rumors have it that a letter was written to Valentine's daughter that was signed "from your valentine" befiore being executed, this is where the tradition sorta got started. According to history reports a Pope named Gelasius wanted to put a end to the traditional feast of Lupercalia, so he declared February 14 to be celebrated as St. Valentine's day around 486A.D.

Valentine's days was a political movement that has taken root in modern times. Thankfully most people celebrate friends and love ones by sending love and blessing. I always thought valentine's day was merchant day. I still believe this to be true, since people around the world spend millions and valentine's day is one of the top holidays mankind celebrates with money and gifts.

Valentine's day for me is just another day. To my romantic husband, Valentine is a day to only love and be loved. As normal, I woke this morning and put myself in the dog house. Hopefully I will be able to make things up with a nice valentine lunch. For me I address any issue that concerns me, even on Valentine's day. I love my husband, family, and friends daily, even in times the love is hard to see.Yet, as the great Grandmother Hoffman has said, "today is love, love, love day". So for the love of my husband, I celebrate Love day.What does valentine day mean to you?

Resources include, yet not limited to
History channel 

Topic Christianity: 


Fist fact that we should look into more is "Christianity is a copycat religion created by Emperor Constantine (for political purposes)." by Beyond all Religion

Everything that was written was created by mankind in which is full of bias of the time period. Professional writers throughout history have transcribe and written many concepts people believe to be true today.

People all through history understood the masses where blind and easily follows what is perceived to be a place of forgiveness and rest.  

The true path to enlightenment is not always easy. The road is never paved for you. The Emperor understood the masses wanted a path that was already paved regardless if the path is created in lies. This is were we get ignorance is bliss. 

The sad price of ignorant is a painful and un-restfulness life. The religion only offer instant gratification, not long lasting pure truth.  Pure spirituality is a lifetime journey that reaches into endless amount of adventures in this life and the next. 

Thank you for joining me in search of the secrets that hide in the shadows that will free us to lead a peaceful and successful life. Namaste. 

Anything that binds or teaches hate and threats hell fire for a  person's choices is a concept that must be look at closer. The true divine created us and understand what the religions call sin is nature without awareness and enlightenment.

Open Mind is the key to Enlightenment

Peace and love.

Leave a comment. We are open and respectful here. We learn when we can express ourselves safety with open minds. 

Be open and journey with me to the shadows N Secrets..

When we study mankind religious beliefs before Christianity, we observe Christianity has simply stolen prior writings that have been relabeled and attempted to have one religions for political purposes.

The "God" Christians blindly worship is called Yaweh or Jehova..AKA the Sun God... stay tune more to come 

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