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Welcome to healthy living tips. We will explore all that nature offers to save money, as well as keep our planet and ourselves healthy. Having good health is priceless. 

If you are in need of a healthy tip please post your question in the comments. I will be sure to address your question in the next post.

  1. Beauty tips. 
  2. Nature knows Best
  3. Change
  4. Exercise
  5. Household tips
  6. more to come

Beauty Tips

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
The perfect shave...
The perfect shave...

Not sure how the husband discovered this beauty tip. Perhaps by trial and error. Shaving with conditioner. 

The other day my husband asked me how do I shave. I thought the same as I have for the past 35 years with my body soap. So , I replied, "with my body soap". "Well, try using your conditioner instead. You will get a closer shave". said the husband. So, I decided to give it a try. I figure the shave would be the same. Also, since I quit smoking and became vegan my hair grows fast anyways. 

Well, when I tried the conditioner, I notice I did not need a large amount, just about a dime size, depending on area. I rubbed the conditioner on and shaved. He was correct. I got a closer shave. The bonus was my skin was condition and left extra soft. 

  1. Use any razor of choice
  2. Use any conditioner of choice
  3. Rub on area, against the hair natural growth
  4. Shave and rinse

Nature Knows Best!

As the weather turns warm and nature begins to grow ragweed becomes a issue for many. Often times people suffer from breathing issues, such as asthma. 

A few decades ago I learn how raw wild local honey can help and even heal people that suffer from allergies seasonal or all year. When I would travel state to state for work, my allergies would vary from mild to flu like symptoms. I found if I went to the local store and pick up raw local wild honey within a few days my allergies would clear leaving me feeling healthy and energetic. 

The nice aspect of raw honey a person can take as much as needed without any side affects, such as sleepiness and dehydration that most allergy pills cause. Also, most people even with diabetes is allowed Raw local honey (please consult your doctor if needed). 

The reason you want only raw wild local honey is because the bees pollinate the area in which the allergies comes from. When we digest the raw local honey our immune system adjust and becomes stronger to fight off the allergens due to the pollen within the honey. Also, all the other honeys that are not raw are processed and does not provide the same health benefits. Often times processed honey sugar is added. 

Wild Local Honey Directions

Take minimum of one teaspoon twice a day one in the morning and at night before bed. When allergies are terrible take as often as needed, such as every hour. You can take as much as you want at one time. I suggest no more then a tablespoon. Also, during the day to provide nasal relief add honey to hot water and sip.

Change is not always Easy
by Eve Hoffman

No matter the challenge, suffering  for the greater good of life brings sweet and endless rewards. Embracing change is a courageous act that produces the heart desire that fits the purpose.

" I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion'" (Muhammad Ali).

Breaking bad habits, a new job, training, working-out, learning  new information, or skill may not always be enjoyable. Yet, when we face our challenges for the greater good of our future and for the world we achieve much more satisfying rewards.

Also, when we face difficult challenges and overcome them, the lessons we have learned shapes our lives positively and provide tools to face a uncertain future with hope and success.  

Wisdom and enlightenment comes from facing challenges regardless the level of success or failure. The secret are to never give up and learn all lessons, even when failure has occurred.  

Failure is a opportunity to evaluate and adjust for success. Also, failure should not be feared. Be defeated allows us to get on the right path to success. No one is every successful without unsuccessful adventures.The sweet part of life is to enjoy the adventure regardless of the outcome.

Leave a comment. Are you a risk taker and face what needs to be changed for the greater good?


1. Chia Tai for health 

Many people practice Chia Tai for health reason, as well as to grow spiritually. Chia Tai has been know to help the mind and body become healthy in balance.

Chia Tai is a exercise that helps enhance the health of a person's mind and body through slow and controlled thoughtful movements.Long and healing controlled breath typically control the length of each movement. The great thing about Chia Tai the movements can be preformed standing or sitting, depending on a person's fitness levels or needs. 

Also, when a person breath in the style of  Chia Tai, the breath is drawn through the nose from the gut to the lungs and released through the mouth. For example, breath in the nose for 3 seconds and out for 6 seconds. The breathing process allows healing to the whole body and mind, especially of the lungs. Over time with practices a person can see improvement in breathing. Chia Tai is recommended for former smokers and to whom is ready to stop smoking. 

There are several uses for Chai Tai. Many people that suffer from illnesses, such as Parkinson are gaining greater health through a gentle daily practice of Chia Tai.

Stay tune of more tips and reasons ten minutes of Chai Tai is priceless and most successful people start the day with Chai Tai.

2. A fun way to work the triceps. Enjoy and leave a comment letting me know how you like my video or did not like the video

Working the Triceps with dance and weights.

Video created by Eve Hoffman

3.Mediation  increases, as well as enhance all forms of exercise regardless of the choice of form, such as running, wright lighting, or yoga. Meditations teaches us to control our breaths and preform exercises correctly, while providing more oxygen to the our muscle and blood.

Always remember to stretch before any exercise programs. Also, focus on your goals of health and fitness to reach your divine purpose of a peaceful healthy life, no matter your fitness level. Everyone must start somewhere. For every beginner there is a expert with years of practice. Time and health are priceless and cannot be purchased back with money.

4. Yoga and breathing to ease anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Simple breathing done in a proper manner can release anxiety and depression throughout our minds and bodies. Yes, amazing enough stress and depression can effect the mind and body, as well as the spirit. Thankfully we have breathing and exercise techniques that are natural to overcome negative moments in our lives.
Yoga creates a space to allow peace of mind...

Simple breathing done in a proper manner can release anxiety and depression throughout our minds and bodies. Yes, amazing enough stress and depression can effect the mind and body, as well as the spirit. Thankfully we have breathing and exercise techniques that are natural to overcome negative moments in our lives, as well as keeps our emotions in a positive direction.

Life sometimes has a way of throwing us curve balls for a variety of reason. The most important aspect is learning how to cope with life in natural healthy methods.

In this video I show how to breath along with a few yoga positions to get us started.If there is a special technique you would like me to show, please leave a comment and I will be sure to create a special video.

Video created by Eve Hoffman

Be sure to stop by to see more videos on how to ease stress, anxiety and depression and more.

5. Simple arm stretches to help relieve stress, anxiety and depression

We hold stress, anxiety and depression throughout our bodies. Here is a few simply stretches you can do to relieve the body and mind whenever needed, as well as long as you like. 

Also, how we think controls how we cope with life. IF all else fails, be sure to fake it before you make it and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Peace and love. Never forget, all moments pass. The bad moments allows us to learn lesson while deepens our appreciations for the brighter moments of life. 

Never get trap in your thoughts. Always do what you are able to do, face each moment in peace, while letting go of things we cannot control. 

stay tune for more...

Leave a comment. Tell me what you need and I will be happy to make a special video for you as I made this video for a good friend. 

Video created by Eve Hoffman

Household tips that save money and protect the earth

Household cleaners and products do not have to be expensive. Old school natural methods to clean the house or rid bugs can cost only pennies, while being safe to the environment. Also, natural cleaners and products are better for people that are sensitive to chemicals.

Simply natural products such as white vinegar can clean, deodorizes, and sterilizes any surface without the bleaching process.

1. White vinegar is great all purpose cleaner for any surfaces and deodorizer.

Also, vinegar is wonderful for cleaning and deodorizing the carpet. About 20 years ago a carpet cleaning company recommended  me to use vinegar only to clean the carpet since soap leaves residue behind that attracts dirt. Vinegar does not leave a residue. Therefore, the stain is permanently removed. The bonus is vinegar kills bugs that hide in the carpet as well, such as fleas.

White vinegar is capable of removing kitchen grease from stoves, counter-tops, refrigerators, cabinets, walls, ceilings, and floors.

White vinegar neutralize urine, such as human, dog, and cat urine. Simply add the white vinegar to the urine and wipe off. The best mix  has a 50% mixture of hot water and white vinegar.

2. Baking soda is a fantastic at removing stains on hard surfaces and cloth materials. Also, baking soda  can be added along with bleach too whites. The bleach and baking soda mixture enhances stain removal and brighter whites. Soaking over-night sometimes is required for a deeper white.

Baking soda is good to clean and deodorize toilets. Also, great for removing soap scum on bathtubs and showers.  

Also, baking soda is a cheap carpet powder that cost pennies. The baking soda also dries and kills fleas living within the carpet while deodorizing.

3. Basic Chalk can stop bugs from crossing the chalk line. For example if you see ants coming in a window, take chalk, draw a line around the window to stop the ants. If you want to keep ants out of an animal's water or food dish, draw a circle with chalk around the dish.

4. Salt is a great way to keep bugs off the house such as snails and ants. Simply sprinkle salt around the border of the house.

Kills ants and the colony with salt . Pour salt on the ant home or where you see ants. The ants will take the salt home and the queen and colony will die.

Salt can be added to any water mixture you decide to clean the house with to rid a home of bugs such as ants and cockroaches. A residue is left behind to deter the unwanted bugs.

5. Lemons: Lemons are a great for multiple of reason. Lemons clean, sterilizes, and deodorizes, as well as prevents bugs and kills some bugs, such as fleas.

6 lemons to a quart of water.

Cut lemons into slices. place in hot water. Boil lemons with peal for five minutes. Let the lemon and water seep overnight on counter with the lid on. Stain out lemons and peel.

You can place the mixture into a spray bottle and spray on any surface you wish to deodorize, rid bugs or clean.

Be sure to store the mixture that is not used in the refrigerate. The lemon mixer will sour and turn bad after two week in the refrigerator.

More to come stay tune....

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