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Welcome to inspiring poems and thoughts page. My goals is to lift each other to the success we all have dreamed and designed. All my poems and thoughts are from facing life's challenges and overcoming difficult moments. My Bullies, as well as life inspire me daily and every moment.

Sometimes we simply need to take the time to reflect on our emotions verses reality. The heart does not want to be sad and can blur the facts. Take the time to accept the emotion and see reality that is. not what is wishes to be. There are power in being positive. Yet, there is a fine line of a unrealistic outlook on life that can be very dangerous.

Broken Pieces
By Eve Hoffman
Sometimes we must pickup our shattered hearts or dreams while embrace the present moment. Take faith there is a higher plan is why your expectations have been broken. Chase your passions. The secrets to success is remaining flexible in the present moment, while having faith the universe will provide. Blessed are the one that keeps love in for focus, both self-love and respect for others.
Be You!
By Eve Hoffman

Be You!

Be creative!
Be unique!
Be brave!
Be clever
Be bold!
Be free!

Be You!

At the end to the day being you is all that is needed to attract pure success, friendships, and unconditional love. There are some aspect we fake it before we make it. However, a person can only truly consistently be her or himself. Being untrue to our selves only brings disappointments, heartache, and negative people in our lives. Be You to attract what is needed for you in the present moment. The world does indeed change for the better when we learn to be authentic.

Daily Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmation has powers beyond the human's mind is capable to imagine. The power to the magic is daily practice, as well as to pay attention to our thoughts throughout the day. Our negative thoughts throughout the day can counter react the positive ones. We are often left wondering why is our work efforts are not producing the rewards that are clearly available.  Practice to be mindful of any negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. 

Once we become mindful, we begin to see how our thoughts, as well as what we say to others shapes our present moment. One of the reason things take time to change is our past moments has shaped this moment. The quicker we recognize the old thought pattern the faster we may see positive change. 

Note the universe only understands the now since the power is in the now. For example, if you want good health you would say "I am healthy", not "I will be healthy". Also, best results is to look into a mirror and say the affirmations while looking into your eyes. Research reveals replacing one negative thought take several positive ones. So, do not be disappointed if the magic takes a few moments to appear. All good things come in time such as fine wine.

Positive affirmations to build self-worth with success.  
No need to worry what other people think. The power comes from within you!
No need to worry what other people think. The power comes from within you!

  1. I am an individual with unique strengths, needs, interests and skills that benefits everyone I meet. 
  2. Success comes easy for me.
  3. I am worthy of what is good in the world. 
  4. Opportunity comes easy for me.
  5. I love all of life and everyone loves me.
  6. I am Successful with money
  7. Money comes easily to me.   
  8. I am beautiful from the inside out.
  9. I am humble in my success in which opens more doors
  10. My mind is full of Gratitude. 
Another great way to grow more blessing to simply be grateful for everything, even the small stuff. Being grateful is another method to eliminate negative thoughts. Simply start saying I am grateful for ( you place the word) when a negative thought comes to mind. 

Examples of being grateful
I am grateful for my good health
I am grateful for a clean bed to rest at night.
I am grateful for pantry and refrigerator are full of healthy foods.
I am grateful to wake and kiss my fur-babies each morning
I am grateful for having my fur-babies work with me. 

An example negative thought with a grateful remark. 
Negative thought:
How will I pay my bills when I become old. 
Positive gratefulness:
I am grateful to pay all my bills on time. 


Finding The Purpose

By Eve Hoffman
Finding the individual purpose is to become present in every moment. Our present purpose is only shaped by the past and guided hopes and dreams of the future.
Sometimes we must embrace the difficult times to find our happiness, worth and success.
Take strength in knowing all moments shall pass and the sun will shine another day.

Finding the individual purpose is to become present in every moment. Our present purpose is only shaped by the past and guided hopes and dreams of the future.

The Mysteries of Wisdom
By Eve Hoffman

Wisdom does not come with age or time naturally. Wisdom comes from action and willing to walk through success and failure, while learning and improving.

The key secret to wisdom is learning as much as possible each day and to be able to apply the skills. 

Love, peace, and light. Blessed be.

Welcome to magical Monday!

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Key to success is being open and aware of all the magic and miracles Key to success is being open and aware of all the magic and miracles Life is filled with mystery and wonders waiting to be discovered
Life is filled with mystery and wonders waiting to be discovered..
A new day starts a great new week. Anything is possible and miracles are waiting to change your life. The secret is to be open and aware of the miracles and magic the universe has to offer.

"Without an open-minded mind, you can never be a great success" Martha Stewart.

Have a blessed day. No matter the desire or goal be open to all opportunities and goodness that life has to offer.

Peace and love.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Shadows of Death

Shadows of Death 

I feel your cold grip in every cell.
 I hear you whisper from within my mind.
The sounds of terror and the cries feel the halls.
Your sorrow and pain echoes for evermore.
No Rest is permitted, for life must renew . 
To rest is to remain in the deep shadows of death with nothing a new.
The moment I took my fist breath of life, I knew your cold grip was nothing new. 
For everything to begin, I must face the sweet and bitter end. 

"Shadows of Death" by Eve Hoffman 

Toxic Love
By Eve Hoffman

I earn for your love. 
My body aches, while my mind quakes for the sweet moments of your toxic taste. 
You lift me among the star. 
In the sky I float freely in the glory of your fleeting love.
When you take your love away, leaves me lost, cold, and confused.
As I fall to the earth, I slip through your clouds of illusion you call love. 
Just as a cloud shift and reshapes, so does you love that leaves my mind , body, and soul shriving that quakes and aches. 

"Toxic Love" by Eve Hoffman, inspired by life

By Eve Hoffman
Picture created by Eve Hoffman
The love and power of Angels... The secrets are to be open in heart and mind.
The love and power of Angles...
The secrets are to be open in heart and mind.

Angels are unique. They come in all shapes and forms.
Angels are there in time of need. They are always near, even when Angles are unrecognized.
Angels can be anyone. Yes, you or me!
Angles are created in the present moment. No one knows there was an Angle until after the moment is done.

"Angles" written by Eve Hoffman, inspired by life

Happy Wednesday!

The first day of March. A nice quiet spring like day here in Texas. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping, anything is possible.

"Rest today, a field of that has rested gives a bounty of crops" Ovid

Sometimes we need to set our own agendas aside take notice and rest to see our next action needed to reach our dreams.

Have a great day!

Happy Friday!

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
An Angel Completed Me!
An Angel Completed Me!

The Moment I saw your small, sweet face, you made me whole.
The moment you fell asleep in my arms, all the pieces fell into place.
The moment you gave me a soft kiss, life became perfect.
The moment you held me in return and look upon me with your loving eyes, you set what was wrong, right.
The world sees a beast, I see my better half. The moment we met, you, my angel, completed me.

"An Angel Completed Me" written by Eve Hoffman, inspired by Sir. Duke Hoffman

Happy Thursday

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says, I'll try again tomorrow" (Mary Anne Roadmacher).

Happy #ThursdayThoughts

Have a blessed day. All great moments pass, always seize the moment.
Peace and love.

By Eve Hoffman

Time to set dreams into action.
Each day set goals that reach beyond your dreams.
Create realistic baby steps to reach each goal.
Take positive actions towards your goals.
Have faith!
Do not be concern with time.
Let time take care of itself while you master completing your daily goals to your big dream.
Opportunity arrives in perfect timing.
The secret is dreaming and being aware of the choices, while taking actions.

Time Written By Eve Hoffman, inspired by life.

​​Every great moment starts in the present!
By Eve Hoffman

The secret is to be aware of the gifted present moment. The talent is to remain in the present moment.

Everyone is seeking for the purpose of life. Every purpose is discovered in the present moment. The past is a record of the history of a purpose. The future is yet to come, as well may change depending upon each present moment.

We all have a chance to shape our future for a success beyond our dreams. The magic lies being present and aware in every gifted moment.

In every gifted moment, be bold, positive, and be grateful, while allowing the universe to work out the details. ​
Have a great day!

Thanks for the support. 

More to come from Shadows n Secrets.

Chose a new path to create a better and brighter moment!
By Eve Hoffman

Created By Eve Hoffman
What we focus on we get more of...beware of the energy you focus...
What we focus on, we get more of...beware of the energy you focus...

The secrets and a person’s purpose in life lies in the present moment. Sometimes we never understand the why. However, the power lies within accepting and appreciating the present moment. Embracing the present moment, the good and bad, allows us to make the choices that lead us to the life that is visioned or dreamed.

One of the big secrets is to be aware of being able to do things different within each present moment. My favorite quote from Albert Einstein is “ The perfect definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Want something different in your life? Look to what thoughts and actions needs to be changed within yourself. A person creates everything first from a thought and then with action.

The best thing about life is life is ever changing. The beauty is we have the power to change what we do not like by the fresh new choices we make. We do not always have to go with the flow, unless we are happy and content.

Enjoy life. Seize every golden  present moment. Allow life to blossom and present the path to success.

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows n Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment.
Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. As always, gratitude and peace is the honey of life!

The magic and mysteries of the Earth Dragon By Eve Hoffman

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Mystery of life comes in all forms and shapes Open minds and hearts see all the magic and mysteries of life that is hidden within the Shadows
Open minds and hearts see all the magic and mysteries of life that is hidden within the Shadows.

Discovering spirituality is an adventure that takes us deep into nature, as well into the mysteries of the mystics. Also, the study of mythology allows room for us to see beyond the noise to the truths of the universe. We discover the divine truths through metaphors, imagination, and wonder. The secret is to be open to all that the universe has to offer, including the great divine example and wisdom of the Earth Dragon.

The Earth dragon is a source of power, riches, and potential. The Earth Dragon guides us to face our potential with great power and strength.  Also, the Earth Dragon reminds us that all our riches and treasure are within us. The secrets is to  have confidence that the Dragon will protect us on our inner journey of happiness and success.

The Earth Dragon is not an enemy, yet a guard that protects what is good within us. When we embrace the Earth Dragon, we see all our secrets in which are hidden within our hearts, as well as others. Moreover, when we friend the Earth Dragon, we learn all the secrets, magic, and powers of the earth.

The magic of the Earth Dragon bring harmony and balance to all the energy that flows from us to life, from life to us to harness the true power and potential from the divine universe.

The Earth Dragon is a divine guardian that guides us through our self-discoveries and spiritual quests of the truth.  

Do you need self-assurance to tap into your divine potential? Befriend the Earth Dragon to find the divine purpose, as well as your self-worth.

Caring is sharing. Please share Shadows N Secrets to spread awareness and enlightenment. Do you see the Earth Dragon working to open the true power and potential in your life?

Empowerment come from enlightenment

The more we learn and become aware, the more we are empowered to make healthy and successful choices in the present moment, so shape a brighter future. Mistakes should never be looked upon negativity. Mistakes are the tools that allow us to widen our awareness. Take all the lesson and treasure all the gifts, so you may never repeat the lessons again.

Remember every moment shall pass. The secrets is to enjoy and become fully aware.

Love and peace

Empowerment come from enlightenment by Eve Hoffman

True enjoyments of freedoms

True enjoyments of freedoms do not bind the spirit to mankind's ideas and concepts. To be truly free is to grow in awareness and break thy chains that restrict.
Start the day out how you want each moment to end..have a great moment, dance and love whenever possible. 

Peace and love Brothers and Sister. We are all connected. United we stand, divided we fall. 

True enjoyments of freedoms written by Eve Hoffman, inspired by life


Freedom is the wind with no restraints.

The wild flower that blooms wherever the seed pleases.

Choices that are deep and wide as the ocean.

A bird in flight.

A river bending and twisting at will.

Freedom is a natural right that reaches beyond mankind's rules and interpretation.

"Freedom" Written By Eve Hoffman, inspired by life

Take Care

Take care my dear.
Time to move on.
My love for you that was once strong,
no longer holds the old spell on my broken heart,
in which I was born upon!
Take care my sweet.
Every moment that we meet,
I feel the cold ice of your heart!
Take care my tender friend.
Let's welcome this sweet bitter end,
to begin a new once again!
Take Care my love,
until we meet again!

"Take Care" written by Eve Hoffman, Inspired by living life.

Believe In Yourself!
Believe in yourself and take each step forward.
Get up.
Look in the mirror.
I am great!
I am perfect!
​I am successful!
I am unique!
I am  gorgeous!
Seize every opportunity that your heart desires.
Stand proud!
Dream every moment of the success you wish to live.

"Believe In Yourself!" written by Eve Hoffman, inspired by living in the moment.

Once I Was Alone!
Created By Eve Hoffman

Once I was alone, to protect myself against the world that hated me.
Once I was alone, to search and beg for kindness and love.
Once I was alone, to face the thunder storms and the terrier of life.
Once I was alone, to starve to death.
One day a Angle swept me into her arms, I was no longer alone.
Yet, when the thunder storms come, I am painfully reminded, I once was alone, cold, dying, and afraid....
Now, I am not alone.

"Once I Was Alone" Written by Eve Hoffman Inspired my Bojangles Hoffman

My Puppy Love!​
Picture created Eve Hoffman

I have loved you since all your parts was small as the palm of my hand.
I have watch you grow and expand.
Even though your body and head has grown bigger than my hand.
My love for you cannot be banned!
Everyday you grow and widen.
Always remember you are my Haydn.
The world see an adult dog.
Despite your 110 pound body, I see my puppy taking flight, as well as growing into my man!
Please do not be in a hurry to mature and grow.
I enjoy watching you be a puppy, especially when you are silly and glow!
My love for you flourishes, even as we grow old.
You are my puppy love. Be strong and bold!

“My Puppy Love” By Eve Hoffman. Inspired by Sir. Duke Hoffman

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