Money saving tips for everyday living

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Welcome to money saving tips for everyday living. I will share with you all the simply tricks to save money, while enjoying life to the fullest.

Welcome to money saving tips for everyday living. I will share with you all the simply tricks to save money, while enjoying life to the fullest.

Yes, life can be expenses when we are not proactive in our everyday finances. I was told years ago, the rich get richer from being frugal and learning how to live most effectually. Together we will explore great and exciting ways to save money.


Tip one: To save money and power within the home, be sure to closed all closet doors to avoid unnecessarily heating and cooler the area. Also, be sure to keep doors to rooms closed that are not being used on a daily basis and do not need extra heating or cooling.

Tip two: Pay Bills online. No postal stamp needed or a trip to the post office. Also, when we pay online the companies receive payments faster. The benefit is you can pay the bill on the due date and will avoid late charges.Also, when bills are paid online, the companies send reminders, so no bill is left in a clutter and forgotten. We save time and money when we pay bills.

Tip three: Utilize coupons. Coupons are the same as cash. Whenever you see a coupon that is useful, look  and treat the coupon as cash For every penny saved at the store could benefit in other areas or simply add to a savings, depending on your needs.

Tip four: Keep a change jar. At the end of the day place all loose change in jar. Also, while away from the home be sure to pick up any change that has been left behind on the ground. There has been many times I have bought food and paid bills from my change jar. Having a change jar is great for emergencies. Amazing enough change can add up to hundreds of dollars within a short time, yes even with pennies.  I have known people that retired and had close to half a million simply just saving change day in and day out for years. Never underestimate the power of change. Find a penny pick up, all day long you will have good luck, as well as a start to extra money.

Tip five: Be sure to check for discounted items whenever you shop. For example, once I got a big 65 inch screen TV for 75% off that lasted me over ten years. The only flaws the T.V had was the T.V was a display and a scratch on the side in which could not be seen when I placed the entertainment center around the T.V. Also, I took a black marker that matched the T.V casing just in case.

Also, when buying groceries look for the discounted foods. The discounted foods are perfectly fine and edible. For legal reason the stores must sell by the sell by date. Some foods that are fresh you may have to eat within the day or two of purchase. However, you can freeze most fresh food that state use within a day or two. Normally there is a tag that tells you to freeze or use within the next few days. I know by personally experience when I buy fresh produce on clearance sometimes I have to eat the item within the next few days of purchase, but some fresh fruits and veggie have lasted a week or better. The sad part is often times, especially with fruit, the discount is not because the fruit is bad or turning rotten. Nope, the fruit is discounted because the masses do not like the fruit due to the fruit is not in perfect form (Whatever that means. Everyone has there own idea of perfect fruit).

More to come stay tune...

If you need a special tip on how to save money and increase your savings, leave a comment and let me know. I will happy to cover your much needed topic. The world is a better community when we all can save and live life with little waste.


  1. One of the best and easiest ways to save money is to stop buying toilet paper by getting a Hand Bidet Sprayer. With these you can wash instead of wipe and it's far cleaner, healthier, saves money and it's even better for the environment. See

  2. Very true. Also, we can save money when we stop using paper napkins. If we used cloth napkins we could save money as well as protect the environment. The only thing what would you use to clean or wash your bum without TP? Thanks for sharing.


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