Story Time of Mystery, Illusion, and Truth

Welcome to Story Time of Mystery, Illusion, and Truth. Here we will have some fun with our imaginations with a twist of truths. I have been wanting to start writing for some time now. Not sure where to start or what topic I should pick. So, I thought writing a short story for everyone would be fun. I will write each day. Stay tune to see the story grow. Can you see the mix of reality within the story?

 Look forward to everyone thoughts and comments. If you think something should be added or deleted leave a comment.

Of course everything is in the creation stage and can be revised at any moment...stay tuned

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
The Mysteries of Penumbra The wonders of deep secrets....
The wonders of deep secrets....

The Mysteries of Penumbra
By Eve Hoffman

Meet Penumbra

Every state has a small town that seems to disappear with miles of nothing in site that few find by accident. Many small communities hide dark secrets within the shadows. The small town name Penumbra is no exception. Penumbra is a small town in the great state of Colorado, deep in the woods. Spend too much time in Penumbra you forget this town is not a country of its own. There are endless secrets that lurk in the shadows that the kind folk in Penumbra would rather forget.

The life that resides within Penumbra are dark as the secrets run deep below the town. There are many rumors of earth dwellers that hide just below the surface. On late quiet nights cries and howls can be heard from just below the earth's crust. Many Penumbra residents stay inside after dark to avoid what is crying just outside their homes. Some even suggest to keep all drains covered and windows boarded by dusk.

The town population consist of about 30,000 and shrinking. Once upon a time the population consist of 100,000 plus. Penumbra everyone knows everyone, and no secrets are shared alone.

Penumbra was built in 1630 as a mining town by a man named Angelo Penumbra. There are still deep tunnels throughout the town and nearby areas. Rumors have it that Penumbra was built on a promise with Veles the God of earth, water and the underworld to sure prosperity. Little did Angelo know the cost would be so high and generation would have to keep paying the tole.

Chapter one
Meet Atlanta and  Artiaeus

It was a dark and stormy morning. There is a small cabin just on the outskirts of Penumbra. Once upon a time a family of four lived a peaceful life until one crisp cold winter night when two young teenager found themselves alone. Atlanta was busy cooking breakfast as she always did first thing in the morning, while her brother, Aristaeus chopped wood for the day and attended the animals.

A few years had past since Atlanta and Aristaeus was left alone to defend themselves.Atlanta was now a young lady of twenty years. Aristaeus is one year older then Atlanta. Aristaeus is very protective of his sister.Wherever Atlanta goes due to her striking beauty she attracts attention.

Atlanta stands about five foot nine inches with long blonde hair with green eyes that shift to blue depending on her mood. Atlanta has a small frame. When wet she barley wights 125 pounds. Due to her hour glass and perfect portions, she attracts all kinds of people that makes Aritaeus nervous.

Atlanta takes after her father in his look and temperament. Aritaeus had inherited  most of his traits from his mother. Artiaeus stands at six foot three inches. His weight consist of muscles at about 225 pounds. He has dark brown hair with hazel eyes. The secrets to know what Artiaeus is thinking is to watch his eyes change hues of green and blue. When his eyes turn black is when you should not look.

As Artiaeus came in the cabin from the morning chores he sees his sister slip to the basement with two plates of food. He can smell breakfast linger in the air. The sweet smell of fried potatoes, biscuits, and sausages begins to make his mouth water and his tummy starts to growl. He had not realized he was so hungry.

As Artiaeus is cleaning up for breakfast his sister emerges from the basement. "Any improvement today", asked Artiaeus. "No, they are is still refusing to eat", Atlanta sadly relies. "Don't give up hope, we will find a cure" says Artiaeus. Artiaeus knows as the years past his words of hope to encourage Atlanta is failing. He does not know how much longer he can keep this secret. Just as Atlanta is losing faith, so is Artiaeus.

"Well, let's have some breakfast, I worked up a hungry" said Artiaeus with a smirk.As the two eat, they both begin to hear the moans just below the kitchen floor. "Not to worry, you get ready and I will check on them after breakfast and insure they have eaten. Atlanta smile sweetly back at Artiaeus and turns up the radio that is now playing a sweet song by John Lennon called Love. John Lennon had always been a favorite of Atlanta and her mother's. She hope the song would calm and drown out all the groaning while she ate. 

As Atlanta cleans the kitchen and get ready to go into town, Artiaeus slips to the barn, grabs two live rabbits, and heads towards the basement from the outside of the house. He knows Atlanta does not like to see what Artiaeus is about to do.

Chapter Two

The time Atlanta and Artiaeus was headed into town the storm slowly lost power and the sun started to peak through the clouds. The bright sun started to warm the morning air and burn away the clouds leaving a picture perfect blue sky. As the town comes in view, Atlanta's stomach beings to sour. Living so far from town Atlanta easily forgets the dark hate and fear that hangs over Penumbra. Even after all these years, Atlanta can feels the stares and the whispers of what happen on that dark and dreadful night Atlanta and Artiaeus lost their parents. Most people blame Atlanta for what had occurred deep in the woods. As the years go by  Atlanta begins to wonder if she was not at fault. 

"Not to worry, we will not be very long this trip. We just have a few stops", says Artiaeus. As Artiaeus pulls up in front of  the hardware store something gets Atlanta attention and her own worries are forgotten. Stay close to the truck Atalanta, warns Artiaeus. "OK", mumbles Atlanta.

As Artiaeus steps into the Penumbra hardware for much need supplies, Atlanta head towards a group of kids that are throwing rocks at a helpless black puppy near by. The puppy appears to be only a few months old. As Atlanta approaches the kids and puppy she starts to yell stop throwing rocks at that puppy. Yet, the time she said stop, the children looked Atlanta in her eyes, screamed, and started running. The puppy stayed curled up in a ball shaking. 

Atlanta slowly approaches the puppy. Atlanta first notices this puppy is a boy. When Atlanta sees the puppies eyes she begins to hear his cries for help. She scopes up the puppy to insure the puppy understands he is safe. Atlanta heads back to the truck with the puppy bundle in her arms. He slowly stops shaking and starts to fall asleep.

As she waits for Artiaeus, Atlanta notices a heart shape white spot on the puppy chest. Something deep within her whisper she has seen this puppy before, perhaps in a dream. As she looks over the puppy, Atlanta starts to remember the dream she had just before the night she lost her parents. She did indeed see this puppy, yet fully grown and protecting her from the fires in her dream that engulfs Penumbra. She wonders was this the puppy from her dreams. As she matures, Atlanta starts to realize there is more to her dreams.

When Atlanta turned five she started having nightmares of terrible things happening to her parents and to Penumbra. Her parents would simply tell her dreams was not reality. Yet, after the night Atlanta lost her parents she started to realize her dreams was not a world of illusions and fantasy, but message of warnings. This puppy was her proof that Penumbra would face terrors that reached beyond the secrets and dark lies that hide just below the surface of Penumbra.  Now convincing Artiaeus the value of the puppy that goes beyond another mouth to feed and a life to protect. As she looks into the sweet puppy's eyes, Atlanta thinks perhaps your sweet face will win Artiaeus's heart. After all, Atlanta fell in love with this puppy at first sight. 

"Well, puppy, you need a name" sighs Atlanta. Just as Artiaeus steps out of the hardware store he sees his sister's face and for the first time a genuine happy smile on her face in town. He wanders how much is this happiness going to cost him this time. As he approaches his sister that is just standing near the truck he sees the black puppy in her arms. He looks at the puppy eyes and his sister's and sighs. "Get in the truck, we just have a few more stops, looks like we need to stop by the feed store after all"  

Atlanta jumps into the truck like she is on a cloud still holding the puppy. She wonders why Artiaeus did not ask her anything. She figured he would put up a fight since he said he did not want to have any dogs in the past. Yet, she was so thrilled and thought I better not questions this sweet moment for her and the puppy.
Picture created by Eve Hoffman
The Puppy, Oswald the God of the Forest.
The Puppy, Oswald the God of the Forest.
As she look upon the puppy on the way home, she wonder where did he come from. She had not seen such a puppy. As she looks deep into the sweet puppy's  eyes she remembers her dream. She sees the puppy all grown up deep in the forest with flames all round him and variety of animals at his side. As she thinks how powerful and in control he looks despite the fire, she decides to call him Oswald after the God of the forest. She whisper you are home now Oswald. Oswald eye's brighten and with a gentle wag of his tail and soft kiss to Atlanta face, she knew Oswald was the perfect name. What she did not know was how Oswald had escaped the underworld.

"Oswald is a good name for him" says Artiaeus. "Yes, and he like the name too isn't that so Os" says Atalanta in a baby tone. Oswald snuggles even closer to Atlanta tucking his head under her arm.

Artiaeus realizes Oswald was just what his sister needed. The only thing concern him was not knowing where this puppy came from. He had not seen a breed of this kind in the nearby area. Oswald look cross between a American Pit Bull with a touch a mastiff.  "You know by the size of Oswald's feet and ears he is going to be one big strong dog" says Artiaeus. "Yes, I know, I saw him in a dream" replied Atlanta.

The rest of the trip home Atlanta sat happy and quite as Oswald slept in her arms.

More coming soon.....

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